These are Dances created by Grace D Marie – You are welcome to use them.  It will be a continuing process to add Dances when they are notated and ready to be shared.

My deepest gratitude and appreciation for the music notation and assistance in the Dance write-ups to:   Mansur Richard Conviser (CA), Kabir Stuart McKinnon (BC), Wayne Rollack (Saskatoon)

All My Relations  – Music Sheet + Dance

Beloved Zikr  – Music Sheet + Dance

Grace Bismillah

Grace Kyrie – Music Sheet + Dance

Grandmother Ocean – Music Sheet + Dance

Hu Allah Mystery

Madre Tierra, Madre Vida rev 2020-01

Namaste – Music Sheet + Dance

Peace Pilgrim

Serenity Prayer – Music Sheet + Dance

The Time Has Come – Music Sheet + Dance  (inspired by The Time Has Come Poem by Rumi)

The Time Has Come – Poem by Rumi

Genesis as a Personal Creation Process

2021 April 24 Virtual Grace DUP Notes and Links

2021 May 22 Virtual DUP notes

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