About Grace

Grace was born into music and dance.  From the childhood group in Cleveland, the Polish Singing Angels, to the present day choir she facilitates, the Harmonic Temple, to the Dances of Universal Peace, music has been a part of her life through today.

As a junior high and high school teacher, she taught Chemistry, Physics, Life Science, Biology, Anatomy, and Environmental Education in the United States and abroad. With a degree in Forest and Natural Resources Management, she worked for the Forest Service in Alaska and Colorado.

Grace’s love of the natural world led her to learn how to read, hear and decipher the sounds of nature, the beings of nature, seen and unseen, with elder teachers.

This combination of music, dance and natural sciences formed the foundation of Grace’s focus on the body in movement therapy to exercise the relationship with our inner and outer world.

She has shared her focus of peace through movement and dance to many communities worldwide through Dances of Universal Peace and the free movement Dance Community.

Grace is a Nia Fitness Instructor which focuses on being a Sacred Athlete with fitness of the Body, Mind and Spirit, using inspiring music to move the body, while keeping fit.

Grace facilitates retreats to empower and be inspired. She leads many classes, special events, and retreats throughout the year worldwide.

She recorded and released 3 CD’s: Kunda (2004) and One Love (2006), All My Relations (2013). You can purchase Grace’s Music here.

Another of Grace’s passions is fabric. She sewed her own clothes during her teenage years. This love of fabric inspired her to continue working with fabric, being involved with natural fibers, making them available for purchase every Fall since 1980.

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