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Barre Fitness Instructor – As a certified Barre Fitness Instructor, Grace has taught at city recreation centers, health clubs, and retreats.  For more information on this form of body fitness, See:

Nia Fitness Instructor – As a certified Nia Instructor, Grace has taught at city recreation centers, health clubs, and retreats.  For more information on this form of body movement, See:

Voice, Song, Meditation, Dances of Universal Peace

A Teacher and Mentor, Grace has traveled worldwide sharing community circle dances, bringing people of all ages and cultures together in Sacred Circle.  For complete information and description of the Dances of Universal Peace, including worldwide locations to attend Dances visit

Check Grace’s Events page for Time and Location of Grace’s next event.


Harmonic Temple

Grace taught Harmonic Temple in Fort Collins for over 15 years.  Look for times in the future when we’ll sing together again.

The Harmonic Temple’ is a collection of chants in four part harmony using short texts from a spectrum of spiritual traditions. Sung repeatedly open-heartedly, a special feeling of being in sacred space is created.

For in depth information about Harmonic Temple and available cd’s and books, visit


     Grace’s list of Musicians with Music

     Our Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) and Sufi Ruhaniat International (SRI) family has many talented musicians who write and record songs as well as playing for Dance circles.  A radio station would not be easy with legalities.
     A list of music artists is being created within DUP and SRI who have music available.  It would provide information on how to access the music.
     It is an opportunity for our musicians to share their music with our worldwide family to enjoy.
     This is a work in Progress, and a volunteer labor of love. 
For my administrative ease, please provide ALL the requested information IN THE ORDER listed.
To be on this list, the artist should
              1.  Be an Active musician with the DUP or SRI
              2.  The submissions must by the music artist/s.

Name of artist/s, City, State, Country
Email address:
Genre of Music:  Folk, Ethnic, Bluegrass, World, Rock, etc., DUP
A link to your music, if you have one.

Name:  Grace D Marie, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Artist Name:  Grace D Marie and Grace Marie
Albums:  Life as a Garden, All My Relations, One Love, Kunda
Genre: Folk, Mystic Rock, Chant, World, DUP, Ethnic
Website: or Grace’s Music – Life as a Garden
Links and 150+ streaming sites:  Mitakuje Oyasin – YouTube
1. Name: Sophya Ramírez 
Artist Name: Almaconvoz 
City: Armenia, Quindio, Colombia 
Email address:
Genre of Music: Medicine Music, Latin-American music, folk, world music, healing music, ethnic
Music Links:

2. Name:  Mark Kreilkamp, Spokane, WA, USA

Albums: Rustlin’ In My Soul; Jump Into the Stream; Chants, Rants and Reflections
Genre:  Folk, Chant, DUP
3. Name: Amina Linda McMakin, Pelzer, SC, USA

Albums:             Amina’s Dances; Dancing with Mary Magdalene;
                              Ya Maryam:  Dancing with the Daughter and the Mother;
                              Dancing with Mary Magdalene:  Daughter of the Light
Genre of Music: Healing music, DUP, personal poetry, Folk, Country
Website: Out of service temporarily
A link to your music, if you have one:

Donations Welcome – It takes a lot to keep things moving and alive.  Link to Donate:

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