Welcome to Life as a Garden

We may know each other from Music events, Craft and Trade shows. Perhaps you are wearing my Pashminas, Silk Scarves, Baby Alpaca or other natural fiber products.

In the past few years, you’ve seen my #1 assistant, Calvin Bly.Grace&Calvin1

Many worldwide have danced the Dances of Universal Peace with me and others have sung in our choir, the Harmonic Temple.

In February and March 2017, I made major changes to my life and business to create a new space to unify my life passions and discover new ones.

I love being in my backyard garden. My life work has been about planting seeds of beauty and peace worldwide, as I do in my garden.  The name reflects the recognition that the activities of my life, the passions of my life, are part of my garden as well.

With this vision, I created a blog, with stories, metaphors, meditations, and practices, comparing the life that happens in a backyard garden and how to learn and recognize the lessons given to us from the natural world.

My Online Store is closed for business due to tariffs and taxes being too complicated. I plan to continue with Pashminas and Baby Alpaca products because I love them as many of you do. I have new products this year 2018.  The way to purchase them is to come to a craft show where I will be this Fall 2018.

We also offer a Garden Retreat and Sanctuary – Short term Vacation Studio . We live on the property and welcome guests to relax in the midst of our tranquil, family neighborhood, 8 blocks from Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Check out my Music and Future Events.

I welcome the changes. I look forward to the future.

May all beings be well and happy,

Love, Grace

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