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Life as a Garden (2020)  Get ready to rock and dance your prayers.  This music is diverse.  There are many paths to Love and Re-membering one’s life with Love.  Read the full descriptions and words to the songs with the link below.

Recorded in Summertown, Tennessee; Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado.

Life as a Garden CD Information



All My Relations (2013) Grace creates a sacred space with mantras, or words of power, to engage the singer and listener to ancient wisdom.

All my Relations chants are inspired by the pearls of wisdom from world wisdom traditions, to deepen the relationship with ourselves and All Our Relations.

Recorded in Boulder, Colorado

All my relations CD Info


One Love (2006)


Grace D Marie brings together an eclectic group of musicians from Peru, and her home town of Fort Collins, Colorado, to create this album. One Love is a musical creation story of growing, the weaving of friendship, relationship, different cultures. It invites you to take a musical journey of love and peace blending organic sounds in sacred heart and universal space.

Recorded and produced in Peru.

One Love Songs and Artists Information Bilingual 1


Kunda (2004)  SOLD OUT

It will be available via download soon.


KUNDA, is Sanskrit and is a name given to me by my Hindu guide to symbolize the rising of kundalini energy in my body and spirit to be in balance with the divine masculine and feminine energies within.

A beautiful studio recording, accomplished in Peru.  Grace’s voice is an inspiring and uplifting vehicle for these traditional Hindu mantras set to new melodies with traditional Indian and Peruvian instruments.

Grace’s KUNDA, recorded in Peru.

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